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Thulasi (2007)

Thulasi (2007)

Venkatesh DaggubatiNayantharaRamya KrishnanSivaji
Boyapati Srinu


Thulasi (2007) is a Telugu,Hindi movie. Boyapati Srinu has directed this movie. Venkatesh Daggubati,Nayanthara,Ramya Krishnan,Sivaji are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Thulasi (2007) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

The film opens with Thulasi (Venkatesh) bashing up the bad guys led by Rahul Dev at a fashion show held by his now estranged wife Vasundhara (Nayantara). A quick flashback reveals the frothy love story of Thulasi and Vasu and their subsequent marriage. After missing their flight en route to an NRI wedding, Thulasi decides to accompany Vasu to her destination, being the chivalrous hero. Starting off with scenes that are obviously reminiscent of Hum Tum, we are instantly taken off on a mushy and incredibly beautiful tour of Austria and Germany. A couple of songs later, the two-some end up at the wedding and decide to tie the knot themselves.Cut to present day, Thulasi lands in Bangalore and manages to get a flat at the Clean and Green Apartments where his wife and little son now live. Soon, he manages to make friends with his adorable son, Harsha (Athulith), much to the annoyance of Vasu. From here, the plot gets a bit serious and we are told of a brain hemorrhage. Who suffers from it, ...


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