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The Wilde Wedding (2017)

The Wilde Wedding (2017)

Glenn CloseJohn MalkovichPatrick StewartMinnie Driver
Damian Harris


The Wilde Wedding (2017) is a English,Portuguese,Spanish,Italian movie. Damian Harris has directed this movie. Glenn Close,John Malkovich,Patrick Stewart,Minnie Driver are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Wilde Wedding (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A retired film star's wedding to her fourth husband brings chaos when their families (and her ex-husband) show up for the festivities.

The Wilde Wedding (2017) Reviews

  • wrong perspective


    Mackenzie Darling is filming her family as her movie star grandma Eve Wilde (Glenn Close) is getting married again. Her new groom is famed writer Harold Alcott (Patrick Stewart). Her first husband and first love Laurence Darling (John Malkovich) is still in the picture. There are cousins, uncles, and Mackenzie's divorced parents, Priscilla Jones (Minnie Driver) and Ethan Darling (Peter Facinelli). Filmmaker Damian Harris is following the wrong characters. There are too many of them with too many relationships. I had trouble following the kids and some of the uncles. With the great cast up top, this should be concentrating more on the veteran love triangle. They should be the stars of the show. The writing is average at best. It's meandering and rambling. It's quirky without actually being funny. There are all kinds of possibilities that don't get enough nurturing. The biggest sin is wasting these great actors' time.

  • All-Star Cast But Movie Rings Hollow


    An all-star ensemble cast gathers at the palatial home of retired movie star Eve Wilde (Glenn Close), as she prepares to marry (her fifth) novelist Harold Alcott (Patrick Stewart). Close and John Malkovich,who portrays her first husband Laurence, are strong on screen, and I liked the performance of Yael Stone, as Clementine, one of Harold's daughters, in a supporting role. However, despite the terrific cast, I found the film itself quite disappointing with almost all the characters self-indulgent and shallow. Their continuous attempts at having sexual flings get quite tedious. Overall, this movie, written and directed by Damian Harris, just came across to me as hollow and soulless.

  • Nope.


    If it weren't for Minnie Driver I would've been bored out of my skull. My take away is that the lives of actors are excruciatingly boring. The actors do their job well and act but it's just sad and tedious. If I could only submit 3 lines my review would be completed but apparently a good review must contain more content than is necessary...sorta like this movie.

  • too much


    It's another Hollywood movie about the blessed crowd. Too talented, too rich, too burdened with too much. A trauma and resolution after too much sex, too much booze, too much of drugs. A masturbatory achievement dream for the rest of us to admire. To bad.

  • VIEWS ON FILM review of The Wilde Wedding


    Ex-wives, ex-husbands, sons and daughters of both, and close friends gather for the wedding of movie siren Eve Wilde (Glenn Close) and writer Harold Alcott (Patrick Stewart with goofy hairdo in tote). For 95 minutes, the drunk jibber-jabber and suggested amour just goes on and on. That's the gist of The Wilde Wedding, my latest review. So OK, wanna recipe for an exasperating, comic misfire with a screw loose ending and some out of place narration? Just hire big name stars and an unknown director. Yeah you know I'm talking about The Wilde Wedding. The Wild Wedding is weddings gone wild! It's like a slight makeover of 2013's The Big Wedding. I disliked The Big Wedding and remembered being incredibly vexed by it. As for The Wilde Wedding, well I disliked that flick just as much. "Wilde" has well-known actors and C-list culprits looking lost. They are in a film full of bare-bones plot points and smug personalities. I mean come on, what was the real basis for making The Wilde Wedding? It never saw the light of day in theaters anyway and for good reason. Director Damian Harris provides lackadaisical direction along with the tired adage of an occasional documentary feel (those darn video cameras). His "Wilde" also contains too many characters, incestuous relationships, visible texting, drug use, moonlight sex, and the infrequent mosaic of overlapping dialogue. About the only thing truly memorable in "Wilde", is its scenery which consists of naturally pretty, Ardsley, New York. All in all, The Wilde Wedding with its co-stars consisting of John Malkovich ("Wilde's" only charismatic performance), Minnie Driver, and Noah Emmerich, is like a more sophisticated version of 2017's Mad Families (my pick for worst film of this year). That doesn't mean I'm giving it any compliments. Rating: 1 and a half stars.


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