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The Night Comes for Us (2018)

The Night Comes for Us (2018)

Joe TaslimIko UwaisJulie EstelleHannah Al Rashid
Timo Tjahjanto


The Night Comes for Us (2018) is a Indonesian,English,Mandarin,French movie. Timo Tjahjanto has directed this movie. Joe Taslim,Iko Uwais,Julie Estelle,Hannah Al Rashid are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Night Comes for Us (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Ito, a gangland enforcer, caught amidst a treacherous and violent insurrection within his Triad crime family upon his return home from a stint abroad.

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The Night Comes for Us (2018) Reviews

  • Makes John Wick look like child's play.


    I am going to keep this review nice and short. If you don't mind over-the-top violence and appreciate action movies then this movie is, plainly put, the best action movie of all time. That's right, I said it. This is the Raid 3 in essence and if you like the first two movies then this movie is a must-watch for fans. Amazing fight chirography and the action sequences are amazing. Loved every bit of the 120 minutes running time. We need to thank the film makers, actors and Netflix for bringing this to us. Easily the best Netflix in its history so far. A solid 10/10. Watch it for yourself.

  • One of the best action film after The Raid Redemption. Brutal, gruesome, gritty, relentless action extravaganza.


    What an amazing action/horror film it is man. Yes, u heard it rite. U can call it a horror film too. The amount of non stop kills, stabbings, brutal n insane violent scenes, the non stop splatter is far more than in any recent horror films. Coming back to the action, the choreography of the fight scenes is top notch. It is a non stop action extravaganza for fans of the genre. There r too many brutal action scenes. The pool ball scene with the scalp attached to it may upset some viewers. With Iko Uwais as the villain, Joe Taslim as the man seeking redemption, Julie Estelle as the badass femme fatale n Zack Lee as the strong n daring junkie, then u probably get a solid action film. Hats off to Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre, segments from Vhs 2 n ABC's of death, Killers n Headshot). Kill Bill, John Wick, Rambo n Expendables looks like kindergarten in front of this film.

  • The Raid 3 in all but name!


    I was hugely disappointed when RAID director Gareth Evans revealed that THE RAID 3 was never going to happen, but I'm delighted to report that THE NIGHT COMES FOR US is the next best thing. It's another breakneck Indonesian action flick with a routine plot, good actors, and astonishing and lengthy action sequences. Joe Taslim - the SWAT team leader in THE RAID - plays the hero, a former assassin who leaves his old life but find it coming after him. Iko Uwais is unusually cast as the villain while Julie Estelle - THE RAID 2's Hammer Girl - appears as an assassin. This film boasts a series of incredibly violent martial arts fights that utilise all manner of props and weaponry in a bid to destroy and disable the human body in as many creative ways as possible. The fight choreography is crisp and clear, the actors obviously skilled at what they do, and the pulse-pounding mayhem never lets up; it's hard to pick a favourite fight when there are so many stand-out moments here. What I can say is that the bloodshed is incredibly explicit, making this by far the most gruesome action film I've ever watched. And I can't wait to see it again!

  • Oh so violent.


    For those who thought that The Raid 1 & 2 were the last word in kinetic, ultra-brutal martial arts movies, think again: The Night Comes For Us, from director Timo Tjahjanto, is a strong contender for the most excessively violent, blood-drenched action flick ever made. The film's many fight scenes are wonderfully choreographed and flawlessly executed, Tjahanto's breath-taking direction employing shooting techniques that are guaranteed to astound, although it's the sheer quantity of blood and guts that really impresses. The film stars Joe Taslim as triad member Ito, who seeks redemption for all the terrible things that he has done by saving a young girl, Reina (Asha Kenyeri Bermudez), from his hit squad. Having gunned down his own men and escaped with the girl, Ito finds himself targeted by the triad's top killers, who include Raid star Iko Uwais as his old pal Arian, Julie Estelle (The Raid 2's Hammer Girl) as a motorcycle-riding assassin, and a pair of lesbian hit-women: Elena (Hannah Al Rashid), who is armed with a kukri knife, and Alma (Dian Sastrowardoyo), who wields a whirling wire weapon. As Ito, aided by his loyal friends Bobby (Zack Lee), Fatih (Abimana Aryasatya) and Wisnu (Dimas Anggara), battles to protect Reina, viewers are treated to all manner of graphic violence: bodies are beaten and mutilated, necks are slashed, and bones are broken. A man is hung on a meathook, someone is machine gunned in the face, and a grenade rips another poor bloke to pieces. There's a shotgun blast to the foot, a knife through the neck, a severed hand, an evisceration, pool balls to the skull, a hook in the crotch, a utility knife in the mouth (and through the cheek), and more bullet hits and stabbings than I can recall. The stuntwork is amazing and it's hard to believe that no-one was seriously injured. The carnage is so spectacular that it's easy to forgive the simplicity of the plot (the narrative is not nearly as involved as The Raid 2; it's more akin to the original Raid movie in terms of complexity).

  • The Latest & Greatest Next Level Asian Action Masterpiece that sets the bar for the next 8 years !!!


    This was Some Next Level Cinematic Orgasmic Nirvana of Feel Good Giddy Heart Pumping Joy !!! But there are some familiar beats that give you De'ja' Vu Memories of past triumphs of the last 5 decades !!! The sound track recalls those Italian Giallo Horror Flicks from the 1980's !! I also got Sonny Chiba and Sue Shiomi 1970's Japanese Action Club feels from some of the fights especially from The Street Fighter movies !! The Apartment Rumble gave pure Grindhouse Memories of all those Gang Fight/ Apartment Invasion Films from the 1970's to 1980's !!!! For the Final Fight I learned that Joe and Iko were really throwing down with actual hits and kicks like the Hong Kong Action Stars of the 1980s to 90's !!! Real Fighting !!! Then all the Blood and Guts remind me of the Splatter Gore Gonzo Films from Japan in the 2000's !! I've seen this film several times already because like the Raid and Raid 2 which I've seen 100's of times either in full or just certain fights !!!I loved the Operator and Alma and Elena !!! When Dian Sastrowardoyo laughs at her opponent I'm reminded of all the great Asian Villains who laughed during those Kung Fu Theater Flicks from the 1970s to 80's !!! I loved when the Operator tells Alma that she will regret wearing white !!!I loved Julie Estelle and Hannah Al Rashid speaking French to each other( because they are both part French ). It felt partially like watching a French Splatter Film from the 2000's during their final fight !! Films like Martyrs, High Tension, Frontiers, etc. Well looks like this film will hold the bar for the next 8 years until the next latest and greatest action film takes the bar and hoists it higher !!!! If not 8 years then maybe the next 4-5 years !!!! This all in all felt like something Brand New but with all the good feels of something classic and Nostalgic !! Take THAT Current CGI Overloaded American Action Drivel !!! Tom Cruise can never be Badass !! The current Chinese and Hong Kong Churn out Tosh =too much wire work and CGI !! Thailand Action Films lost the Nerve !!! Korean Action Films are too censored !!! Current Japan Action Films not even close !!! Indian Action films too much singing and dancing !!! Can't wait for a non-Indonesian Action Film to come out that proves me wrong !!! Fingers Crossed !!! UPDATE - Halloween 2018 - After taking a week off because I was constantly watching certain scenes over and over again or just watching the movie without subtitles because I have seen it so many times with subtitles and I even saw it for the first time with no sound and just Indonesian subtitles so I went cold turkey without watching The Night Comes For Us and waited until Halloween to watch it with fresh eyes !!! And Boy do I notice details that I overlooked before !!! Like at the end Arian's Macau crew are the ones that Chien Wu Summoned to shoot Arian !!!!!! The one to put the bullet to the head of Arian is his right hand man who will be a Six Seas in Arian's place !!! So that meant the Chien Wu was just playing Arian and was going to double cross him whether he killed Ito or not !!!!! At the beginning in Macau , I always thought Arian slammed Big Boss Brother into the window but he slammed his head into the glass table !! When Ito picks up Reina in the parking garage she is giggling instead of crying !! Rumah Dara herself, Shareefa Daanish is the Sniper and I thought she was only in one scene but she was in another scene holding a heavy box while Chien Wu was seated confronting Arian !!! Also The Six Seas were present in a flashback to when Ito and Arian were initiated in the Triad !!! For the sequel it will be The Operator , Shinta & Reina getting payback !!! Probably Reina is grown up and trained by The Operator to get revenge for her village !! Shinta wants revenge for her fallen Boyfriend , Fatih as well as her former love interest Ito !!! The Operator went against Chien Wu so she will have a price on her head !!! I highly believe The Operator used to be Number One of the Lotus !!! Because the Lotus is a Secret Organization of Highly Trained Female Operatives for Hire to the Highest Bidder !!!! Only someone who used to be in it would know the Ranking System and identities of the top ten at least !!!! So you have Chien Wu and his new Enforcer who took Arian's spot after he killed him !!! Maybe Arian's Right Hand Man in Macau ?? Probably going to be a Blood Bath !!! Can't Wait !!!!! Until then I'm looking forward to More White Boy Bobby-Zack lee in Buffalo Boys and Foxtrot Six with Eka- Oka Antara with choreograhy from Iko, Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman !!!! as well as Julie Estelle !!! LOL !!!! I watched it again and one of the most surprising moments was when Reina stabs a attacker in the car with a retractable knife in his neck !!! I always thought the knife was already in the car !!! But on seeing it again I realized that Reina picked it up off the floor from when White Boy Bobby had lost it earlier !!! It was bloody but I assume Reina wiped the blood off on her dress. She even is seen holding it when Elena is eyeing her as she cowers behind Wisnu and Fatih tells them to go out the back way !!! Speaking of the Attacker !!! He has long hair and a mustache and a lighter complexion and gets killed three times in three different fight scenes !!! LOL !!! The Joys of Film Making !!!! Like a Shaw Brothers Film from the Golden Era !! seeing an actor playing different roles in the same movie !!! There is a time jump when Ito and Reina first showed up at Shinta's Apartment and Ito passes out !!! Because of a green sink !!! When Ito wakes up, the sink is not green and they are at Fatih's Apartment / Photo Studio !!! I guess Fatih had to find legitimate work since Ito and Arian left to become Six Seas !! It even looks very spacious and not cramped like Shinta's apartment !! When Ito and Reina are again on the run , he calls Shinta and tells her the bad news about Fatih, Bobby Bule' and Wisnu !!! She screams and gets rid of her phone then gets lost !!! Ito and Reina hideout at Shinta's apartment because of the green sink !!!! During The Operator's fight with Ito she does a Mad Dog Move with Ito breaking that green sink !!! Reina looks like she is played by five different girls for dialogue, wide shots , scared acting, etc. Because even though they look similar they have differences and don't look the same age !!! Plus their hair styles don't match from shot to shot !!! I knew I wasn't going crazy !!! Formerly Number one of the Lotus , The Operator is a highly skilled fighter in her fight with Elena !!! The first time The Operator cut Elena in her stomach there is a small cut and I believe Elena is wearing a Kevlar lined shirt but as they continue to fight the cut is getting wider and wider as Elena is exerting her body to kill the Operator until finally her guts come out of the cut which has split open her stomach !!! Like a delayed reaction !!! Then the Operator finishes Elena off brutally !!! One Final Thought !!! I feel so dissatisfied when I watch the film now , that I feel like Oliver Twist when he says " I WANT MORE , ......please..."


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