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The Cellar (1989)

The Cellar (1989)

Patrick KilpatrickChris MillerSuzanne SavoyFord Rainey
Kevin Tenney


The Cellar (1989) is a English movie. Kevin Tenney has directed this movie. Patrick Kilpatrick,Chris Miller,Suzanne Savoy,Ford Rainey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1989. The Cellar (1989) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A young boy finds an ancient Comanche monster spirit in the basement of his home. His parents don't believe him, so he must kill the monster alone.

The Cellar (1989) Reviews

  • Slow start but pays off


    Ther Cellar isn't brilliant but it does have its good points. It starts off very slowly and for the most part of the first half, it's boring. Things start looking up in the second half though, as we are introduced to the monster. The cellar setting is very effective, as are the tunnels where the monster lives. There is a suspenseful scene close to the end where the father locks his son in the kitchen to prove that "there's no monster". Of course, the monster comes out to attack the boy. I wouldn't urge anyone to seek this out, but fans of cheap 80's horror might want to add it to their collection.

  • Standard fare


    This is your run of the mill monster in the basement film that has absolutely no surprises. Not that its a bad film but why do something that has been done so many times before and offer nothing that we haven't seen already? The film stars Patrick Kilpatrick (Minority Report) who is bald in real life and you'll notice that he's wearing a hair piece. His character has anger issues and by the end of the film you have to think that his wife will have second thoughts about staying with him. He gets very violent at times. His son who has seen the monster is going to try and convince everyone of what he has seen and sets out to try and kill it himself. The film is hokey and predictable but even a bad monster in the basement flick is watchable. So is this one.

  • Creepy and Crappy


    You've read the plot summary, so I'll skip that part. Let's open the show with a few glaring flaws. First off, the family moves into a house in the middle of nowhere, opens a sealed door they find hidden behind a cabinet, and discover they have a basement. None of that's so incredible, but Dad apparently has no problem with the fact that there's a gaping, monster-sized tunnel in one wall. Secondly, monster mobility. The thing can apparently only manifest itself in three places: the house's cellar, a water-filled sinkhole that connects to its basement warren, and a dry oil well. It's allowed to come into the house by the rules of the film, but apparently only if someone opens the cellar door for it. What prevents it from crawling up out of the sinkhole or out from under the oilwell platform to wreak havoc in the open is never explained (my guess has a lot to do with the FX budget). And that cellar door? The one hidden behind a cabinet and ritually sealed by the Indians? Well, it also has a storm door leading right up into the yard, which isn't even locked. Third, monster power. The thing's strong enough to overpower grown men with one paw and nearly pull limbs off trees, but it can't break down a flimsy cellar door to get at the goodies in the house? All that being said, they did design a pretty nasty-looking beast, one that looks like a long-nosed version of the Terror Dogs from Ghostbusters (I call it Slime Rat). Unfortunately, they didn't have enough money to make a whole monster. Only the front half of it interacts on-screen with the actors, and it comes up looking pretty rubbery in close scenes. It's okay for a cheap jump-at-a-body monster movie, and I didn't see the pacing problems that other reviewers have commented on. I think the key to enjoying this film is to be willing to let it scare you. Either that or ridicule it to death.

  • Classic 80's Thriller!


    This movie has something not many horror/thriller movies have now days, class. If you saw this in the late 80's/early 90's like me when you were a kid there was just something about it that stuck around. It may be a B movie, but the acting is quite a bit above average for normal B movies. It's a movie that struck terror in my heart as a kid and I had to search for it for years in order to find it. I think the main driving sell point of this movie is it's about a kid being true to his family and himself and facing his fears even though no one will listen or believe him. Really I would say it has a little sprinkle of the "Goonies" in it with all the booby traps and the problem solving the kid does to try to take this demon down, and of course a happy ending that makes this movie a must see! So what are you waiting for, give it a chance!

  • Decent story, bad acting, monster not believable!


    If you can get past the slow start and bad acting it's worth watching. The story line was pretty decent. The father had a wicked temper because he was unemployed and he hardly got to see his kid except in the summer because his ex-wife had custody of him. The father was very angry and frustrated the majority of the time. The monster in the story wasn't too scary. The movie breaks consistency of the monster being so incredibly strong. The one scene that the moviemakers do this in is one of the times when the kid is down in the cellar and the monster goes to attack him. When the monster goes to attack the kid his arm gets caught in a steel trap attached to a chain. The monster is about a foot away from the kid's face. Every other time throughout the movie the monster is strong enough to break through or tear down anything. Yet the steel trap and chain holds him back from getting the kid! More than likely the moviemakers did this for shock factor because no one wants to see one of the main characters die. Moviemakers just wanted to scare us into thinking it may be a possibility that the kid could die. Instead of breaking consistency, the moviemakers should have replaced the kid with someone who they could dispose of!


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