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Run Baby Run (2012)

Run Baby Run (2012)

MohanlalAmala PaulBiju MenonSaikumar


Run Baby Run (2012) is a Malayalam,Telugu movie. Joshiy,Joshiy has directed this movie. Mohanlal,Amala Paul,Biju Menon,Saikumar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Run Baby Run (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A reporter and a cameraman become try to uncover a political scam, but find themselves in trouble as they become involved in a grand political conspiracy.

Run Baby Run (2012) Reviews

  • Run baby Run is a must watch racy thriller.


    Run Baby Run, a typical Joshiy film, with Mohanlal, Biju Menon and Amala Paul in the lead is a racy thriller with some unusual but surprising moments. RBR is a gripping thriller with some twists and turns in the story. The story of RBR has media as its background. Story starts with the arrival of a reputed cameraman Venu to the city and his meeting with his ex-fiancée Renu. Even though, they are in fight with each other, they decides to work together for an assignment. But they are been trapped, in such a way that the viewers won't expect that twist . The climax of the movie is a nail biting one, such that the thrill of the movie is continued till the end. Some of the humorous situation in the movie is also entertaining. Not a single scene of the movie is boring. From starting to end, the movie is entertaining. Hands off to the brilliant direction and editing. It is a must watch movie with a festive mood.

  • 7/10 .......Good enough to keep you running with interest till the end!!!


    Run Baby Run... will keep you running with interest till the end!! If you are intending to watch this movie.. Go ahead.. its nothing extraordinary but it will keep you entertained .. The story direction all good enough..cant complain... The year 2012 i have seen very few malayalam movies..which now includes "run baby run" too... Im not a Mohanlal fan.. but in this i guess he has done justice to the character.. Amala paul was good too...I will give it 7 out of 10.. because I enjoyed some of the scenes.. Its got enough humour .. action .. suspense to keep one going till the very end..which was good..!! if you are going to watch this movie to count any mistakes or complain.. then don't see..just enjoy it!

  • This Baby is a Smart & Sizzling Thriller :)


    I think director Joshiy and writer Sachi is a good combination. I thoroughly enjoyed their earlier movie together, Robinhood and now, Rub Baby Run is no exception. A thriller with delightful twists at critical moments coupled with sizzling performances from the lead like Mohanlal, Biju Menon, Amala Paul, Saikumar and Siddique makes it a thumbs-up entertainer. In all Joshiy movies, you can expect the editing to be crisp. Also there's a nice song picturized here between Mohanlal and Amala. Regarding the performances, Mohanlal is a cracker once again. Amala has a resemblance to Priyanka Chopra and gives a matured acting. Biju Menon as Mohanlal's buddy gives great support to the actor and brings the house down with his comic display. Saikumar and Siddique are also impressive in their negative roles. The only flaw this movie could have done away with is still showing Mohanlal as larger than life, especially in the fight scenes! The action was fast-paced but would have definitely been better if there was little more realism. Verdict: This may end up as a superhit at the box office. And I look forward to more Joshiy-Sachi flicks. Cheers!

  • Joshiy chathichchilla


    As we took out our car after the movie, the excitement of the movie reflected in the drive.Still reeling from a recent speeding ticket, that was a surprise. That is what the movie has been able to do.Put some excitement in with interesting twists and turns.It felt good to see a veteran director Joshiy come up with a working movie in today's wake of new generation cinema in malayalam. Mohanlal has done a good job - he brings in his star power and indeed it is surprising how he is able to convincingly pair opposite ladies half his age. Amala Paul has also played her part well which is just to be the smart star again.Not a whole lot of acting to do but very good screen presence from both Lal and Amala. Somewhere in the first 20 minutes, I had felt that the movie is starting to get boring but the rest of the two hours was very engaging.It is a winner Joshiy movie.

  • Not exactly a racy edge of the seat thriller, but quite engaging, and you will not get bored...


    The movie Run Baby Run is one of the best movies of 2012 and has a taunt script and keeps you engaged till the end. The script writer Sachy has done a neat job,and so has the director Joshiy and Ratheesh Vega with his Music.The other strong points for the movie are: 1.Mohanlal and Biju Menon's on screen chemistry. 2.Amala Paul does it well staring alongside Mohanlal. 3.The BGM's good. The storyline is set in a media backdrop - thats some thing not much explored in the Malayalam film industry. And the 140 minutes running time is quite well managed.... Not exactly a racy edge of the seat thriller, but quite engaging, and you will not get bored... Final Verdict:Worth a watch...


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