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Provoked (2016)

Provoked (2016)

Tony MoranChris O'ReillyNicole LasalaDan Liebman
Jordan Pacheco


Provoked (2016) is a English movie. Jordan Pacheco has directed this movie. Tony Moran,Chris O'Reilly,Nicole Lasala,Dan Liebman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Provoked (2016) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A group of amateur paranormal investigators, frustrated with the lack of any solid evidence after months of attempts, decide to provoke and taunt spirits from the afterlife in a last ditch attempt for a paranormal encounter. The experiment works, but they have awakened something angry and very deadly - something that follows them home and now will not leave. The investigators must now defend their home, and their family, from the spirits who were brought into this world and are not going without taking some souls with them.


Provoked (2016) Reviews

  • About the worst it gets.


    Clearly things are bad when you have fake reviews written about this film. Truth is this film is terrible. I would nearly says watch it for some of the most hilarious bad acting ever seen, its not the fact its that bad, nut they seem to be playing it seriously. The director has obviously never filmed more than a family holiday, as the camera work is terrible, angles that are terribly framed, and then sound than changes from cut to cut. Overall, this film is a complete train wreck, watch it so long as you don't have to pay for it, cause it hilarious how wooden and bad the acting is. Put it this way, I actually for the first time ever came here after a decade of not using my account, reset my password, so I could write all of this, yea, that's how bad it is.

  • Beyond Awful


    Do not believe the other reviews saying this movie is "good" the acting is horrible. To say the characters are "believable and strong enough" is to say that they are believably bad at acting and strong enough to continue with the movie despite how awful it is. The first half of the movie is boring with no scare factors whatsoever, but you hang in there hoping it'll get better as the movie climaxes. It doesn't, and the image of the poltergeist is completely laughable. I've seen my fair share of B films but this one is by far one of the worst ones. Not even worth a free rental, do not waste your time. If you want scary I would skip this movie.

  • Lacks Content


    I must address my biggest complaint with the film. When the film starts it introduces you to a whole set of characters from a "ghost hunting" team. Some establishment of character is attempted, or at least feels so. At about 30 minutes into the film, almost the entire cast is never seen from again except one. Why was the time spent explaining little nuances about the characters if you are never going to see them again? The character that the camera does stick with had the smallest build up. It felt like a waste of time. The remainder of the film is the "ghost" activity, which mostly consist of the ghost or whatever it is spooking people. This makes the story or complete lack there of very weak. No explanation is given to the ghost or why it was around in any way at all. The acting wasn't horrible. Not great by any means. Far better than your average B horror selection. Doug the plumber came off a little silly at points. Special note would go to some of the music which presented a very good 80's horror feel, though it was pretty limited. Something to watch if you have seen virtually every other available film on netflix/amazon.

  • Provoked: Expectedly awful


    Provoked otherwise known as American Poltergeist (Not to be confused with the equally dire movie of the same name from the year before) this is also the 10th movie in the Paranormal Investigations franchise. Yet another movie revolving around a ghost hunting team this particular one see's the team failing to come up with anything and frustration kicking in. Angering a spirit one of them seems to have brought it home with him and his girlfriend. You probably can work out what happens next, paranormal nonsense but even then very little. Practically nothing happens and when it does it's incredibly ugly which raises the question where did the 1.5 million budget go? No, seriously. How can a movie with a budget like that, look like this? With the ripoff cover art, weak acting, non-existent action and recycled script this is an absolute mess alike every other Paranormal Investigation franchise movie I've seen so far. Dreadful stuff, incredibly making it found footage may have helped it. The Good: Nope The Bad: Hideous sfx Really boring How did this cost 1.5 million?

  • Ok but has typical clichés.


    I had to join Imbd to write this as modern horror films now all re use the same old cliche. The cliche I'm taking about is the typical stereotypical male that no matter what is happening he still refuses to believe some entity could be in his home. What makes it worse is the guy is a ghost hunter so he should know the signs to look for. So somehow he has antagonised some spirit and it has followed him back to his home. Firstly he doesn't notice things that are not right in his home that mirror exactly the same as the previous home he was investigating...coupled to the fact his girlfriend was thrown across the room whilst he was downstairs hearing her screaming Yet "you're just imagining things my dear". It started well but the lad was annoying me too much so I stopped watching.


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