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Out of Gas (2018)

Out of Gas (2018)

Junette AltidorRhona HymanApril MarcellJeffrey Phillips
Michael Lemelle,April Marcell


Out of Gas (2018) is a movie. Michael Lemelle,April Marcell has directed this movie. Junette Altidor,Rhona Hyman,April Marcell,Jeffrey Phillips are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Out of Gas (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Two married couples set out to go on a trip to a marriage retreat to enhance their marriage, but is faced with dark evil along the way. As darkness falls upon them, secrets are revealed. Trust is no longer among them and what was supposed to be a moment of beautiful memories becomes a nightmare.

Out of Gas (2018) Reviews



    I created an IMDb account just to comment on this movie! It is horrible...just....horrible! As of this moment, I am only halfway through and am mad at myself for enduring this. It has bad acting, which could be forgiven, but the lack of attention to detail is staggering! Whoever wrote the movie synopsis did an awesome job, because based off of the synopsis, you could not tell that this movie was hot garbage.

  • Waste of time and resources


    Terrible acting. Weak plot. Amateur directing at its best. Very unrealistic. Nothing is intellectually motivating in this movie. It mirrors so much towards a Nigerian junk at best.

  • We are not going to run out of gas


    Two married couples are going to a 5-star hotel for a marriage retreat. From their suburban home, they are on a one-lane dirt road to get to the said hotel and argue and fight and run out of gas. GPS claims gas station is one mile down the road so they start out walking...no wait try the vehicle again. It starts. So next they are on a one-lane paved road (park path? driveway?) and run out of gas again. Excuse me. What happened to the station a mile down the road? There is a subplot involving a woman who was abused as a child. Someone you could easily run away from or overpower, but is quite the foe. The outdoor mike picked up wind sounds. The dialogue and acting were horrible. Sold in Walmart with Walmart's Stevia product placement in the film. I fast forward the last 30 minutes.


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