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Mono (2016)

Mono (2016)

Ty ParkerSam LernerSarah De La IslaKathryn Newton
Jarrett Lee Conaway


Mono (2016) is a English movie. Jarrett Lee Conaway has directed this movie. Ty Parker,Sam Lerner,Sarah De La Isla,Kathryn Newton are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Mono (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

A mono virus outbreak at Highland Park High takes out the most popular kids for two months, allowing the outcasts to rule the school.

Mono (2016) Reviews

  • One of the best teen comedies of this generation


    I'm really surprised this film isn't getting more attention. This teen comedy has really strong characters, a fun plot, and great pacing. It's easily one of the better teen comedies I can remember from this generation. It probably didn't have much of a budget, but I don't care, this film has more heart and cool details than films with 20x the budget. A lot of that is because of the strong characters. Sarah De La Isla as JP really stood out - she's one of the funnest characters I can remember since Fogell in Superbad. It's like they just wrote a really cool character, skipped all the stereotypical girl stuff, and it just works. I saw it on Netflix. Check it out, it's a real blast!

  • I don't know how this movie is even in Netflix


    Starts off normally and everything seems nicely done, but then the main characters start spreading a virus just for popularity and I can't believe a nineteen or twenty year old person doesn't know what that means, it doesn't explain how they get caught, and even though it's obvious instead of explaining they just make a wannabe funny scene of the main character, Ty, being asked questions about what does he think is happening, Ty's best friend, Sam obviously is more into popularity than having real friends, but the detective tells them one of them is going to get their balls electrocuted but the other one isn't (WTF) he says he won't say a word until he calls he's lawyer and they try to make a nice moments between friends after Sam blackmailed Ty and Ty betrayed him. Ty always tries to do the right thing but breaking up with his girlfriend makes him listen to his best friends plan. At the end after having so much popularity and being almost gods they call them losers that made a terrorist attack, and the one that call them loser was a popular kid of the original popular ones that they were trying to take down. After 5 months of community service they are in the same school, they weren't spelled for being biological terrorists, and everyone is now friends with each other except for the main characters that now have not friends.


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