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Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder (2015)

Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder (2015)

Bridget EverettCarmine CovelliAlan CummingAdam Horovitz
Lance Bangs


Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder (2015) is a English movie. Lance Bangs has directed this movie. Bridget Everett,Carmine Covelli,Alan Cumming,Adam Horovitz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder (2015) is considered one of the best Documentary,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Bridget Everett takes Comedy Central by the balls in the world premiere of her one-hour special, Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder. Her raucous, raunchy and hilarious show is as heartfelt as it is unpredictable. Bridget belts out beautiful songs that will make you laugh, cry and sometimes even cringe. See why so many celebrities have become Bridget's biggest fans in this fast paced, high octane rollercoaster comedy ride!


Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder (2015) Reviews

  • Pure Off-Color Humor


    Bridgette Everett performs a Central Comedy special in Joe's Pub in NYC. The show is basically comic sketches and musical acts that heavily incorporate the audience to make them even funnier. The jokes are pretty much all off-color, crude and even disturbing at times but it's very, very entertaining. I'm definitely not a fan of such humor (toilet humor, sexual humor, etc.) but I had a wide grin on my face the whole time and even a few LOL moments and I caught my wife, who's also anti-off-color-humor, giggling a few times. Including my own vote, 10 users voted an average of 6.1 for this show which is just about right. The breakdown of votes show females over 45 years old gave it the poorest rating so you know the show isn't for everyone but I'll go out on a limb and say I think everyone under 45 will enjoy this show. Not everyone will love it or even like it but they will be entertained just as I have. Honestly, and this is not flattering but I'm being honest, most of the time I couldn't avert my eyes in the way you can't look away from a highway car wreck. Here's a huge, over- weight, older white lady talking about her bosom and vagina and telling jokes about her sexual appetite and appeal. Even better, the way she climbs off the stage and interact with her audience in extremely unexpected manners. The audience themselves are probably not random people off the street but rather selected fans and maybe paid actors but I bet my house and dog they were entertained like crazy that evening. Lastly, I've never seen or heard of Bridgette before this show but it seems she has quite the fan base among A-list Hollywood stars. The cameos in the opening credits show you this but the cameo at the end credit is even bigger and better. To summarize this show, Bridgette opened the show asking a couple on the first row if they attended her show before. They reply yes. Bridgette says: "and you're sitting on the front row, you sick bitches!"


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