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Bloodline (2013)

Bloodline (2013)

Matt ThompsonKimberly AlexanderJesse KristoffersonGina Comparetto
Matt Thompson


Bloodline (2013) is a English movie. Matt Thompson has directed this movie. Matt Thompson,Kimberly Alexander,Jesse Kristofferson,Gina Comparetto are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Bloodline (2013) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Seminary student Brett Ethos falls away from the church and his faith only to find out that his bloodline is sought after by a real evil. On a trip with friends and an old flame, he goes to explore a cabin left to him by the will of his family. There he discovers his true heritage. Temptation or redemption becomes his ultimatum. His friends' lives and his own hang in the balance.


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Bloodline (2013) Reviews

  • What? Where? Who? Seriously?


    Bloodline, Aka The Cabin is a once only viewed film. The clichéd horror trail is littered with old movies. Five.....count them .....five teenagers going into the woods to claim rights to the main character's newly found map with.....you guessed it....a cabin. The plot is shaky at best. Early 1800's(?) wooded area leads to a terribly set up battle between a few pioneers and Indians. A Shamen bestows a curse upon the man who shoots him (where did that come from)and hands him an amulet(thanks for shooting me!). A spacial wormhole brings us to present day where the main character is about to become a priest/deacon/seminarian ????? Said character is joined by best friend...with cousin tagging behind. Best friend is also dragging his main squeeze along with the hero's old girlfriend also in tow. Low and behold they discover an old map....with deed to cabin....and the amulet. The plot really doesn't emerge unless one has to commit to the question .....is it the Cabin that is cursed or the amulet? How did a Bloodline etch itself into the story? Can't give away any spoilers that aren't there(or maybe THAT is the spoiler???). Anyway.....if you're like me you're going to watch the movie despite anyone else saying "beware". I am not even going to touch on the ending, just be ready with the big "?!?!?!?".......Q(:-}

  • A little more ambition than the usual indie horror


    BLOODLINE is an indie horror flick with something a little more ambitious than the normal nonsense: an 18th century historical back story that makes sense for once. Unfortunately, this part of the film occupies little of the running time, and it all quickly descends into the usual cabin in the woods-type nonsense with lame characters being bumped off by villains unknown. It's a little slicker than some, but the comic relief guy is irritating and there's little decent incident here.

  • Bloodline


    Bloodline isn't a horror flick I'd normally watch but I read somebody's review that said it was 1 of the best horror flick's that they've seen & how great it was so I thought I need to check it out myself.Like a sucker I fell for it.In the middle of watching it I was so bored, I had to sit back & take a break & started reading other peoples reviews.Somebody said that they had trouble sleeping so they got up, started watching Bloodline & fell asleep a few minutes later.So funny yet true.I didn't fall asleep that fast, I fell asleep after 30 minutes.Instead of turning it off & watching something else, I fell asleep, woke up, rewinded it, fell asleep, woke up, rewinded it & repeated a few times.It did start out decent enough but after awhile it became just another demon/evil spirit jumping from body to body movie.Bloodline is a movie I'd only recommend watching if you're fiending for a Horror movie & you have no other choices.The lesson I learned from this is that sometimes you can't rely on other peoples reviews.Watch the movie yourself then decide

  • Good & Bad


    i enjoyed it but it got really confusing and it just seemed like an off-brand Cabin in the woods. There were good parts where It was really interesting but the build up to those parts almost made me fall asleep. I'd say there's about 40min of build up and even then they didn't explain what was coming next. I don't know if i would recommend this. I mean, maybe? if you don't mind waiting for the good parts to come i would recommend this. but if you're looking for a fast passed movie, this isn't it. It also doesn't go into depth about the relationships shown and the significance of some things. I had a blast watching some parts but I don't know what else to say, watch it and see for yourself. I would say this was Horribly Amazing. - Isa

  • Kimberly Alexander Is A Hot Lady Other Then That Blood Line Is A Epic Fail Movie


    totally as previous reviewer said here that this film does not make sense at all it looks stupid & the viewer gets confused on who is haunted the amulet,the cabin or the whole area. the story of this film revolves around a religious guy who just takes a trip with his friends to go to a cabin near country side lake area for some fun sometime after bad things happen like a couple gets killed,a park ranger is after these guys later the dead people get spawned they act like zombies & start to kill everyone. the script is a mess there is way too much stuff thrown it goes out of the genre & looks more like a parody or horror films. the amulet theory & the bloodline angle that our hero is related to some Red Indian(native American) tribe & some sort of descendant to them or whatever because he wears the cheap amulet is ridiculous. the climax is goofy & foolish as it shows someone is about to become the next target of the amulet but anyway as a viewer i have to say this film will now haunt me not for the rest of my life but at least for one night i will not get good sleep for sure as my brain was assaulted by this nonsense. so what is good in this film the heroes sucks the villains are cheap the only funny thing was the fat guy & some hot ladies in the cast Gina Comparetto is nice but Kimberly Alexander is one beautiful girl but don't worry guys she doesn't expose much besides getting laid for some seconds & kissing this movie is even below Pg rating if there because no one would bother touching the disc of this film again the poster looks amazing & got me tricked into buying this disc i expected some action in this but i was disappointing. Overall Bloodline aka The Cabin 2013 has nothing to see in it it is one boring & sad excuse of a movie so move along please save your money & time don't fall for the good reviews my rating is 2/10.


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