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1971: Beyond Borders (2017)

1971: Beyond Borders (2017)

Mohanlal Allu Sirish Asha Sharath
Major Ravi


1971: Beyond Borders (2017) is a Malayalam movie. Major Ravi has directed this movie. Mohanlal, Allu Sirish, Asha Sharath are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. 1971: Beyond Borders (2017) is considered one of the best Action,War movie in India and around the world.

The story of the 1971 war between India and Pakistan is told from the perspective of a soldier.

1971: Beyond Borders (2017) Reviews

  • Literally out of ammo


    The movie begins with colonel Mahadevan commanding a UN mission. The mission scenes were short and the focus soon shifted to retired major Sahadevan. The film shifts to a flash back to the 1971 period. By the way Mohanlal has got really fat. But that didn't stop the versatile actor from pumping patriotism into our veins. However the plot wasn't interesting enough to keep you on your edges. The movie begins to lag after a point making it boring to watch. An unnecessary song sequence just added to the boredom. It was only until the tank scene, things started to get interesting again. The movie in a whole wasn't convincing enough regarding various emotional scenes. There was an attempt to recreate Jeeva's character in Keerthichakra but again wasn't convincing enough. The entire film tries to tell us why Sahadevan was impressed by the valor of Colonel Raja but as the viewers we just couldn't feel it. Frankly speaking Picket 43 and Keerthichakra could kick this movie out of the park.

  • 2.2


    I have gone to theater to watch movie as I thought of keerthichakra. which in mohanlal was awesome .Even the earlier soldier movies were very much better than these stories . A disappointing mashup. of the highly-appreciated prequels . Keerthichakra, Kurukshetra, and Kandahar. Try at your own risk..!!!

  • 1971 war was between Bangladesh and Pakistan


    Yhe wasn't India Pakistan war. It was Bangladesh and Pakistan war. India helped Bangladesh at some point. Only

  • Local PAdam


    If you are someone so keen on movies having a message, 1971 Beyond Borders have messages written all over it. The ultimate one is that wars shouldn't be there. The format here is very simple. You can very easily predict who all are going to die in the war field and what will be that sentimental dialogue which will echo when they die. There is nothing tactically amusing about the war field that gets depicted here and there are a lot of "Sahadevan" worshipping scenes which looks too tacky. From the initial Georgia sequence to the 1971 story, there is this blatant India worshipping through dialogues which looks highly dramatic. If there was a natural feel in Pakistanis having respect for us, things would have looked a bit more real. Seeing our army getting respect is indeed a good feeling, but pushing it to a level where a stabbed Pakistani soldier's last words are "Maan Gaye" (meaning he agrees that you are great) is a bit awkward. 1971 Beyond Borders hasn't really explored the actor in Mohanlal in an attractive way. He has two tones in the film, one where he is the friendly guy in his hometown and the other where he is a strict officer in the border. In both versions he is playing this character that is being frequently hailed by everyone. Arunoday Singh who has mostly got forgettable roles in Bollywood looked more real and sensible in this film. Well Allu Sirish is the market widener for this film. The writing of that character isn't that smooth and for your information Sahadevan says "Thank You Buddy" to him in one scene. Asha Sharath, Sudheer Karamana, Renji Panicker, Devan, Saiju Kurup, Manikkuttan and several others are there in the elaborate cast with minimal roles.

  • Disgrace to Indian Army


    After watching the movie, wait..., I dint watch it, I just skipped through the scenes, hardly 20 minutes, that is it. The movie is so worse. I got so frustrated that I started googling for jokes about the director, there are some, not much. So i thought of writing a review. Writing review has one more intention, to let the world know that we are much better audience than the this film deserves, as audience we have much better standards. This is not the kind of movie we watch here and this is not the type of movie that is made around here. This movie has brought disgrace to Indian Army and Malayalam film industry. Even the worst Hollywood war film is 100 times better than this film.


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